• Bonnie Bogovich posted an update 3 years ago

    As a vocalist, I have personally battled over what piano+voice arrangements to perform in a recital… now you can enjoy some of your favorite video game themes, with lyrics, in a classically arranged collection with SONG CYCLE by Materia Collective! I had the pleasure of collaborating and writing lyrics for three of the arrangements featured, “Home” from Fez, “What a Deal on this Plot!” from Plants Vs Zombies, and “Cohens Masterpiece” from Bioshock. You can enjoy these three arrangements, featuring the talents of John Robert Matz, Laura Intravia, Doug Perry, Ben Wallace, Joel Everett, Sebastian Wolff and Elizabeth Zharoff, and more today with our downloadable album. Karaoke versions of the tracks (so you can sing along) AND sheet music is also available! Please visit our info page at