Welcome to the G.A.N.G Mentor Program Online.

G.A.N.G. is committed to supporting the industry and expanding the knowledge and experience of its members by providing a range of resources. The Mentor Program Online is aimed at sharing the knowledge and experience of some of the industries most respected audio craftspeople with a global audience. G.A.N.G. realizes that our industry spans the entire planet and that attending the many conferences and events can be costly and impractical with our busy lives.

This program provides valuable insights that you can share with your industry colleagues from wherever you live. The Mentor Program Online will present a wide range of topics across all skill levels. This is a resource for beginners and veterans alike.


The Mentor Program Online will consist of fortnightly live presentations. The schedule will be posted on this page and a link will be provided for the next scheduled session. The sessions will be run with Goggle Hangouts and live streamed on YouTube. At the end of each event the session will be archived and added to this page. So you can join the discussion live if you want to participate or watch the archived video of each event at any time after the session is concluded. Google Hangouts has a limited number of participants, so if you want to ask questions it is best to join in early. The live stream on YouTube is delayed by approximately 30 seconds. In both cases questions can be asked of the presenter and a co-host will curate the questions and pass them on at a suitable break in the presentation.

101 Videogames you must listen to before you die

To further enhance the Mentor Program Online, G.A.N.G. will also be hosting a series of videos being created by Stephan Schütze. In these videos Stephan presents and analysis the audio for some of the most significant games ever created. These are more than just a review of the audio, they are an in-depth exploration of how the game audio influences the overall experience for the player. The 101 video games episodes will be scheduled in the off weeks between each live streaming event.

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Live Event Google Hangout Link will be posted just prior to the event
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GANG Mentor Program Online 2017 Calendar



Some big changes coming. Stay Tuned!


Live Events 


Elvira Bjorkman & Nicklas Hjertberg: How to Make Your Pretend Language Believable


Archived Live Events


Li Xiao’an: People Will Bring You Success: Building the Relationships that will Build Your Career


Brennan Anderson: Audio Implementation in UE4

Recording Workshop: Working with Dry Ice


Bonnie Bogovich & Stephan Schutze: Preparing for GDC: Audio Events you should not miss

Shared Google Doc of audio events




Penka Kourneva: Cultivating a Career and Growing as an Artist

Slides for Penka’s presentation




Elizabeth Zharoff: Writing for and Working with Vocalists

Session notes





Stephan Schutze: Creating Dynamic Creature Vocabulary

101 Video Games you must listen to before you die

Dragon’s Lair

Archived 101 Videos

Grand Theft Auto 3

Super Mario & Sonic the Hedgehog

Abe’s Oddysee Audio Analysis

DeadSpace Audio Analysis

Machinarium Audio Analysis


Bioshock 2 Audio Analysis