New G.A.N.G. Discounts

All G.A.N.G. members are currently eligible for the following four discounts:

DISCOUNT 1: Austin GDC – GANG Discount

Exclusive G.A.N.G. Discount for the Austin Game Developers Conference

The Austin Game Developers Conference attracts over 2,200 attendees and provides educational, networking, and business opportunities for game development professionals driving the $11 billion video-game industry. It is the a global forum where programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals and others involved in the development of interactive games gather to exchange ideas, network, and shape the future of the industry.
G.A.N.G. members can get $50 off main conference and all-access passes.
DISCOUNT 2: Muse Research – G.A.N.G. Receptor with Komplete 5 Inside

$700 Discount

One instrument… Two rack spaces… Millions of sounds… Infinite possibilities…

In today’s musical world, virtual instruments reign supreme – they offer superior sonic performance and unrivaled flexibility. But using plugin software on computers can be an exasperating experience with sluggish latency, stability issues, and high CPU demands. That’s where Receptor with Komplete Inside comes in – a dedicated synth/sampler/effects processor that was purpose-built to run plugins. Artists and composers around the world are using Receptor on the road and in the studio. That’s the Receptor with Komplete Inside from Muse Research. Receptor with Komplete Inside is a unique and versatile musical instrument that takes the best native Instruments software-based synthesizers and effects processors available, and turns them into real instruments. With the push of a button, Receptor can transform itself from a sampler into a guitar processor; from a drum module into a synthesizer; or from a precision mastering tool into a screaming drawbar organ.  Now you have the chance to pick one up at a special price. Check out Receptor with Komplete Inside at

*This product does NOT include a Komplete license. You must supply your license information at the checkout page and we will install and authorize the Receptor before it is dispatched to you. It will arrive with Komplete 5 Pre-installed and Pre-authorized and ready to go from the second you power on.

DISCOUNT 3: Receive a one-year subscription to Billboard magazine for only $199

Your subscriber benefits include:

  • 51 issues of Billboard magazine
  • All access to
  • Daily Delivery of "Billboard Bulletin"
  • Full Access to chart & article archives

Be the first to find out what’s happening with:

  • Independent Labels
  • Emerging artist
  • Digital & Mobile Entertainment
  • Music Publishing & Brand Marketing
  • Over 75 weekly charts from the hot 100 to the hits of the world

DISCOUNT 4: Receive $15 off any Nine Volt Audio purchase

This is the biggest discount EVER offered and it is only being offered to G.A.N.G. members.

Nine Volt Audio focuses on creating ultra-flexible Rex, Stylus RMX, Reason, ACID wav and Apple Loop libraries. Nine Volt Audio’s latest two releases "Action Drums" and "Action Drums: Taiko Edition" were post_date to match audio with the visual senses.

Nine Volt Audio loops have been used in "Splinter Cell: Double Agent" and the upcoming "Race Driver Grid," in the movies "Lions for Lambs" and "Road to Perdition" and can be heard daily on television shows ranging from "Oprah" to "Project Runway" and in advertisements from "Sirius Satellite Radio" to "Colgate" toothpaste.

For complete instructions on how to receive these discounts, please log into the website and click on ‘Resources’ under the ‘Community’ tab.

 As always these are exclusive to the G.A.N.G. community, and not to be shared with non-members.