Newest and Renewing GANG Members: May 2013

Welcome our newest and renewing members to GANG this month! (list is after the fold

Paolo Giacci

Brian Magrum

Marc Celma

Michael Trott

Mahmood Arjomand

Danjeli Schembri

Jihwoan Ahn

Tommy Blackburn

Joshua Perry

Ari Wise

Basar Under

Alexander Choyce

Eric Shin

Clemens Diezinger

Jon Everist

Zachary Sowers

Al Gaudie

Gregory Vilfranc

Scott Illingworth

Troy Strand

Philip Vasta

Zachary Mitchell

Dan Crislip

Jim Lordeman

Uday Trivedi

Benjamin Portner

wenbo H

Devin Roth

Lawrence Schwedler

Gregory Weaver

Daniel Richmond

kevin lawson

Philip Brown

Louis Romanos

Jordan Harmon

David Neale

George Karagioules

Claire Fitch

Erich Schuler

Emiliano Imondi

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