GRAMMY Submission: Required Information

The information below is necessary to make your submission. Before you begin your submission, we recommend you:
1) Gather all the information below
2) Create prepare a pdf file of ‘liner notes’ which will be uploaded as part of your submission. 

Submission Information
Items with a * are mandatory.
*Your name

* Email address
* Recording Date
* Album Title
* Album Release Date
* Album UPC
NOTE: If you do not yet have a UPC because the album is not yet released, you can still make the submission. In that case you will provide that information after you receive the UPC code, and we will update your submission.
Album ISNI (optional)
* Credited Record Label
* Distribution (eg “Spotify”, etc.)
* Composer(s) names and email addresses
* Game U.S. Release Date
* Game Platform(s)
* Number of tracks on Album
* Number of Album tracks used in the Game
* Streaming Links (at least one is required)
  — Amazon
  — Apple
  — Spotify
  — Tidal
  — Other
* Brief description of your involvement with the creation of the soundtrack album
* Answer to the following question. 
Please upload a brief description of the creative process and outline specifically what each submitted composer contributed. Only those that composed at least 33% or more of the total playing time of the album are eligible. Staff may reach out to confirm the information entered or to ask for additional information
Provide your answer in a pdf file with the name <SubmitterLastName>_CreativeProcess.pdf, with <SubmitterLastName> replaced with the submitter’s last name (pdf file 1)
* Liner Notes (pdf file 2)

Liner Notes
The Liner Notes
must be submitted as a pdf document  and must be called “
<SubmitterLastName>_<Album_Name>_LinerNotes.pdf” where <Album_Name> should be replaced by the name of the soundtrack album.

Liner notes should include:
Composer(s) full name
Album Title
Release Date
Game Name
Record Label (if applicable)
Music Publisher
Track Listing, including, for each track:
— Track Name
— Composer(s)/Artist
— Duration
— Recording Date(s)
— Producer(s)
— Engineer(s)
— Mixer(s)
— Mastering Engineer(s)