GRAMMY Submission: Required Information

The information below is necessary to make your submission. Before you begin your submission, we recommend you:
1) Gather all the information below
2) Create prepare a pdf file of ‘liner notes’ which will be uploaded as part of your submission. 

Submission Information
Items with a * are mandatory.
*Your name

* Email address
* Recording Date
* Album Title
* Album Release Date
* Album UPC or ISRC
Album ISNI (optional)
* Credited Record Label
* Distribution (eg “Spotify”, etc.)
* Composer(s) names and email addresses
* Game U.S. Release Date
* Game Platform(s)
* Number of tracks on Album
* Number of Album tracks used in the Game
* Streaming Links (at least one is required)
  — Amazon
  — Apple
  — Spotify
  — Tidal
  — Other
* Brief description of your involvement with the creation of the soundtrack album
* Liner Notes (pdf file)

Liner Notes
The Liner Notes
must be submitted as a pdf document  and must be called “<Album_Name>_LinerNotes.pdf” where <Album_Name> should be replaced by the name of the soundtrack album.

Liner notes should include:
Composer(s) full name
Album Title
Release Date
Game Name
Record Label (if applicable)
Music Publisher
Track Listing, including, for each track:
— Track Name
— Composer(s)/Artist
— Duration
— Recording Date(s)
— Producer(s)
— Engineer(s)
— Mixer(s)
— Mastering Engineer(s)