The Dog and Pony Show is Busy!

The Dog and Pony Show, Inc., (headed up by GANG member John McClain) has been hired to develop all music, sound design and voice for two unannounced titles from a major international slot gaming manufacturer.

These titles, both based on classic,well-known stories, will feature all-new sound design and original music to be featured during game play. These will be the latest in a series of titles Dog and Pony has scored and sound designed for this manufacturer, dating back to 2005. Grammy award winning audio engineer John McClain heads up the team of three sound designers and two composers.

Other recent news for Dog and Pony includes being selected as the the sound designer and composer for the Las Vegas Mob Experience at the Tropicana Las Vegas. Using cutting-edge interactive entertainment technology, this highly immersive attraction will take guests on an intriguing and suspenseful journey through the rise and fall of organized crime.

Dog and Pony also recently completed voice recording and and sound design for “Shmitty, McFunkle and Stump,” a ten-episode series of animated shorts running during Comedy Central’s late-night programing in May and July 2010.