What’s New at AudioGang.org

Welcome to the latest version of AudioGang.org!

There are changes with the new site, as compared to the last one, so let’s go over a few of them:

1) Your GANG profiles are now open to the public! We are encouraging folks outside of GANG to come to our site and to browse through our GANG member profiles. So it is in your best interest to keep your profile up to date! Include all of your credits, your skills, your setlist (soundcloud and other music sites supported), and your contact information.

2) Your GANG profile will include a QR code. Use this code to print on your business cards, include in your email footers and keep it on your mobile device as we’ll start to use these codes to scan at various GANG events.

3) There is a new section called “Developers”. In this section we will be collecting your contributions of tutorial videos, articles or podcasts. We want to build an online resource of game audio information where game developers can look to and gather information about working with game audio for their own projects (or for simply sharing with your game audio colleagues. This is also a place where game developers can go and use the “Find a GANG Member” function to search for a GANG member to work on their projects. This is another excellent reason to keep your GANG profile up to date!

4) Forums: The forums are now divided. There are areas of the forums that are only for GANG members, and there forums that are open to non-GANG members (Public Discussion – read only to non-members). This way there are areas for non-members to get a closer look into the GANG site and get an idea about some of the discussions that take place on this site.

5) Profiles: be sure to fill in your profile, and include any instruments you play because now other GANG members can search our member database for musicians (by instrument) who might be available to perform on various recordings that our members may be working on.

6) We’re featuring the GANG souncloud widget on the site, which currently features the last few GVAC podcasts. We’d like to feature some of the work from our members, and if you’d like to contribute, or put a podcast together to submit, please let us know at [email protected].

7) WHERE IS THE OLD SITE? The old site content will be exported into a new format and we plan on finding a new format elsewhere in this site to post old forums and blogs from the old site, as there was some good information there. The old news articles, newsletters, features, interviews etc, were already exported into this new site.

As we add features and functionality we’ll post the changes here. Keep in mind that this is the beta version of the new site, as the final version will include graphics and and new UI, while the beta includes the new backend of this site that will be powering the new site going forward. So if you are looking for the snappy new graphics, they are on the way.


The GANG Crew