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Successfully just joined G.A.N.G! Hello, everyone! Ready and avaiable to tackle new projects!

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  1. Mackenzie Neumann

    Welcome to G.A.N.G., Travis! I just recently joined myself and I’m enjoying the User blogs. What do you do? I compose music for video games and films and I’ve also done some editing work. Do you have a SoundCloud or website? I’d love to check it out! My website is http://www.mackenzieneumann.com

  2. Travis Lohmann

    Good Morning Mackenzie,

    I currently have done some work with indie film (both short and feature), currently, I’m looking into getting in with video game music and composing adaptive music. My soundcloud is: soundcloud.com/travislohmannmusic. My personal website is: traloh06.wix.com/music!

    Thanks for leaving a comment!

    Travis Lohmann

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