GDC SESSION: Finding the Spark

GANG MEMBERS ATTENDING GDC! My talk (linked below) will feature a
segment interacting with a top studio cellist and flutist, discussing
sessions and the dynamic b/w player and composer, etc (follow the link
for full description). As part of the talk, they will sight read through
a few examples of YOUR PARTS!

This will not be judged in ANY
WAY. This is not the Demo Derby. The plan is to learn by simulating an
actual session and getting tips from the players themselves. Compositional quality will not be part of this so please don’t hesitate about sending your parts!

Soooooo therefore … I NEED YOUR PARTS. Please send me a PDF by FRIDAY
(March 14th). No need to compose something, I would love an actual
cello part you might be recording (either meant for soloist or section)
or previously did record.

Email it to [email protected].

DEADLINE: Friday March 14th, 9pm.

Thank you!!