InSomnia RPG – Heavy Armour Sound Design

Hi all!

I'm back with anothe UE4 video. Here's the heavy armour sound design for InSomnia RPG project. This time I implement sounds as separate cue's attached directly to animations.

Check the video:

The audio pipeline that i use:
1) Design sound events in DAW.
2) Render SFX's as separate levels that mean something. For this case i decide to split it to 3 main levels: breath, backpack, footsteps. In some events the «foley» layer can be heard.
3) Reconstruct designed sounds using unreal's sounds cues capabilities and randomise futures.
4) Connect designed assets to animations.
Hope you like it!

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  1. Mackenzie Neumann

    Hey, nice work so far! It sounds like alot if not all was live recorded. Was there a mixture of materials shook in a container combined with a metallic sound? I’m very interested in what you used.

    • Petr Yakyamsev

      Hi Mackenzie!
      Actually I use pre-recorded materials from libraries (Sound Ideas, Boom libraries etc.) and reworked them. In studio we still haven’t possibilities to record every sound we need. It’s the matter of time and people involved in proccess. As far as I work alone everything i can afford is sound/music design itself and implementation it in Unreal. But to your question – it is not the container with materials, it is clean recordings of metal/mechanic sounds which i properly layered and processed. The only sounds i record here is breathing which is processed through vocoder with water sounds as modulator. Hope I answered your question =)

      • Mackenzie Neumann

        Fantastic! I’m very interested in the process of sound effect recording and processing. The only real Foley work I’ve done was footsteps on sandy and rocky ground by recording myself walking on a mixture of random cereals. I edited the sound. This was a school project. Thank you for answering my question!

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