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Realtime Synthesis for Sound Creation in Peggle Blast

As a primer for our upcoming GDC talk, Peggle Blast! Big Concepts, Small Project, PopCap Team Audio has written a short blog series focusing on different aspects of the audio production, covering real-time synthesis, audio scripting, MIDI scoring, and more!      Jaclyn Shumate – Realtime Synthesis for Sound Creation in Peggle Blast RJ… Read more »

Raising Hell in Mobile Audio: The Sounds of Dungeon Keeper

Welcome back, Keeper.     Does the phrase, “Mobile Audio” make you shiver with dread? When your target platform is a small, relatively underpowered device with a finite power source, no hardware acceleration, and not a lot of memory, face-melting HiDef audio doesn’t always feel within reach. Instead, it’s a battle to carry out our audio craft… Read more »

Midwest G.A.N.G. Members

This is more of an “announcement” rather than a blog. I belong to a local filmmakers group here in South Bend, Indiana, that holds regular meetings, monthly workshops, film screenings, an annual film festival, and assorted movie-making activities. It has been a great experience, and also a networking nexus. I would like to know of any G.A.N.G. members in… Read more »