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Composing Signature Game Themes One of the most important skills a game composer needs is the ability to compose distinctive, compelling and memorable themes. In addition to providing the “heart and soul” of the gaming experience, a game theme is a branding device – it defines the genre, story, characters, worlds, even the target markets and platforms of… Read more »

Digital Performer 9 – Help and Discussions.

Hello Fellow GANG members, My name is Mackenzie Neumann. I’m glad to be apart of this guild and I am excited for the Future! So, allow me to choose Digital Performer 9 as my first blog subject. I,ve currently been really delving into the finer details of this DAW and I’m extremely impressed. Now, I… Read more »

Realtime Synthesis for Sound Creation in Peggle Blast

As a primer for our upcoming GDC talk, Peggle Blast! Big Concepts, Small Project, PopCap Team Audio has written a short blog series focusing on different aspects of the audio production, covering real-time synthesis, audio scripting, MIDI scoring, and more!      Jaclyn Shumate – Realtime Synthesis for Sound Creation in Peggle Blast RJ… Read more »