G.A.N.G. Congratulates “Journey” GRAMMY® Nomination in Billboard Voter Guide

G.A.N.G. Congratulates Austin Wintory for his “Journey” GRAMMY® Nomination

The Game Audio Network Guild is thrilled that Austin Wintory’s score for “Journey” has been nominated for a GRAMMY® this year in the Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media category. This is the FIRST TIME that a video game soundtrack has been nominated for a GRAMMY®, and it’s a historic moment for game audio.

Because of this, G.A.N.G. has taken out an advertisement in the digital Billboard GRAMMY® Voter Guide Edition (pg 67) to congratulate Austin on this achievement.

The road to this achievement began back in 1998, when Chance Thomas began to start hassling Mike Green (President of the Recording Academy at the time) about including a category for video game music. The movement continued to gain momentum, and a detailed version of the events as they unfolded can be found in this Gamasutra article.