Blurbs for September 2010

For all the little bits of one-liner news that trickles in…here’s September’s blurbs

Richie Nieto just completed work for EA, providing all of the music and sound design for “My Garden” a launch title for the Nintendo 3DS! follow Richie @richienieto

Mick Gordon recently made his entire soundtrack to “The Last Airbender” (Wii) available for a FREE download! Check it out here Follow Mick @Mick_Gordon

Jeff Essex just wrapped a new iPad title, “Rabbit and Turtle’s Amazing Race” for Unicorn Labs, and it’s just debuted at #23 in iPad titles. Jeff will also be giving a talk at AES about audio in iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch this coming November in San Francisco.

Jacob Cattrall did sound effects and music for iPhone Game, Connect M for McSebi (

Jeff Schmidt has been busy…(deep breath) Jeff just finished sound design for upcoming World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm, in addition to starting up on Diablo 3 in the same capacity. Jeff’s also been working with Pyramind as part of their game audio pipeline, and teaching ProTools for Game Audio. Jeff’s also taken to the road for a 10 city Rock Band Network evangelism tour as Pyramind’s Authoring Lead, giving his RBN tech demonstration. Follow Jeff @jeffschmidt

Daniel Pharos’ game audio company, Knights of Soundtrack, has recently finished the score and sound design for “A New Beginning” (Daedalic/Deep Silver), which will contain the CD soundtrack in every box. They are currently working on music and sound design for “Asylum” (Senscape, Argentina), a first person horror adventure from the makers of “Scratches”, and “Dungeons” (Realmforge/Kalypso), a game somewhat in the vein of the legendary “Dungeon Keeper” series.

Khris Brown Recently voice directed the recently released Clone Wars: Adventures for LucasArts, as well as the upcoming (and huge! 4 directors were on the project) The Old Republic. Cast & Voice Directed Double Fine Productions’ upcoming (as yet unannounced) project, and is starting on a new gig (again, unannounced, sorry!) that’s going to be a casting coup in October.

Bonny Morgan (DJBonseye) completed a soundtrack for a match 3 game “ShuffleBomb2” by casual games maker Software4Me and will be contributing the play theme to “Doubloons Ahoy”, a puzzle adventure game for Windows OS. Follow Bonny @DJBonseye

Chance Thomas has been busy and here’s his summer 2010 scoring update… Original score for Ubisoft’s Dinosaurs Strike, recorded in Prague and Salt Lake City (large orchestra and percussion)… Additional music services for a new (NDA-shields up!) undisclosed LucasArts game… Theme and original music for EA’s Monopoly: Streets, recorded at the Soularium and HUGEsound (live horn section and guitars). Key people making HUGE contributions to these projects include mixing artist Mike Roskelley, music notation maestro Paul Taylor, recording engineer Dan Carlisle, creative director Neil Melville, audio directors extraordinaire Aurelien Baguerre and Jesse Harlin, orchestral contractor Pierre Langer, plus Jeff Peters, Meg Crowel, Will Roget, Christian Pacaud, Victor Crews, Rob Fuller, Kelly Mondragon, Pamela Thomas and the three Thomas kids (terrific focus group). Follow Chance @