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Interview with Chris Huelsbeck,

2011 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner



This year’s winner of the GANG Awards "Lifetime Achievment Award" went to Chris Huelsbeck. We had the chance to run a few questions by Chris about his history in game audio. Enjoy the interview here!


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Interview with Emily Ridgway

emily ridgway

Emily Ridgway is best known for her work as Audio Director, Sound Designer, Music Director and Writer on award winning games such as ‘BIOSHOCK’ (2K Games), BRUTAL LEGEND (EA/Double Fine), COSTUME QUEST (EA/Double Fine), DESTROY ALL HUMANS (THQ/Pandemic) and most recently STACKING (THQ/DoubleFine).

Emily recently gave a great talk at GDC 2011 about her game project experiences (specifically on Destroy All Humans, Bioshock and Brutal Legend), and she was kind enough to spend time answering
some questions for GANG.

She discusses some of her strategies in organizing huge projects, working with composers, EmilyIndustries, and reveals how she broke into the game audio world. Read on and enjoy…

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It’s the April 2011 BLURBS, a place where YOU can send us all of your little bits of news each month. Have an announcement, a new project, a new blog post, a funny story, a new pet? Let us know

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