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The NEW I.E.S.D. Mission and Co-Chairs

IESD Co Chairs

The Interactive Entertainment Sound Developers (IESD) is a branch of the Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.) focused on discussing and addressing the needs, resources, standards, and continuing education of game industry sound implementation professionals.

The new mission statement and co-chairs, Rob Bridgett, Kenny Young and Scott Selfson, have been announced and you can get the details here.

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G.A.N.G. Discounts in Effect

Because you are a member of G.A.N.G. you can now receive any of these amazing and generous discounts!

CAMEL Audio 25% off GANG Discount

IK Multimedia 25% off software GANG Discount

Flying Hand Percussion GANG Discount

SoundRangers 20% GANG Discount

Interview with Audio Director/Sound Designer Nick Peck Pt. 1

Nick Peck


Nick Peck has had an extensive career in game and film audio. He’s worked with some of the finest audio houses in the industry(Skywalker) and on groundbreaking game post_titles as well (Grim Fandango/LucasArts). He gives us some perspective from his various roles as a sound designer, foley artist, mixing engineer, programmer and audio director. There was so much to talk about, this is a two part interview.

Read part one of the interview here…


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An Interview with LucasArts’ Jesse Harlin


Monkey Island

Jesse Harlin is a busy guy! We were lucky to get him to slow down long enough to answer a few questions about all the exciting post_titles coming out of LucasArts. From The Old Republic, to The Force Unleashed 2, to The Secret of Monkey Island 2 Special Edition (featuring GANG members, Dan Reynolds, Jeff Ball and Andrew Aversa)Jesse talks about the great work he and Wilbert Roget are doing at LucasArts these days.


Check out the interview here…

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Check Out the GANG "blurbs"!

We like to keep track of what all the G.A.N.G. members are up to every month, and sometimes you may just have a sentence or two about your current projects, (as opposed to a full on press release etc), so we post_date the "blurbs" section as an informal way to drop in all of those short items. Please send your small news items to [email protected] for inclusion in this section, and have a look to check out what your fellow GANG members have been up to lately!

Check out September’s BLURBS

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