GANG partnering with IGDA/WIGI for Mentoring Program

Due to suggestions and requests for a mentoring program at GANG we’ve been talking with IGDA to discuss working with them and their existing Scholarship Program. So while we will encourage interested scholarship potentials to sign up for this program through IGDA, we will also be working with IGDA to help them find Mentors who are already GANG members. More info after the jump…

The Scholarship Program is a small commitment for both the mentor and protege, requiring only an hour meetup at an industry convention/conference such as PAX, E3, GDC, IGDA Summit and Casual Connect etc. Often there will be correspondence between the Mentor and Protege after the meeting, but that simply depends on the personalities involved.

For more information, please visit and if you are interested in becoming a Mentor, please visit

Further mentoring/protege opportunities exist with Women In Games International (WIGI). The WIGI mentorship is typically a 4-8 month commitment, and those interested in more information can head to

If you are specifically looking at becoming a mentor, you can check out If you are interested in becoming a protege, you can visit

Karen Clark, the Chair for the GameMentorOnline program says this about the process, “Specifically, we look for mentors who have 3+ years in the game industry and leadership experience (or at least understand how to drive a relationship with a more junior person). For proteges, I look not only at their background but how well they describe their interest in the program. “I want to make a game” won’t cut it – they need to show that they’ve reviewed what’s available in the industry, and have a plan for moving to the next phase.”