GANG Student/Apprentice Contest

The GANG Student/Apprentice contest is open to all GANG members who have not yet received compensation for any work in the game industry, which are usually our Student level or Apprentice level members. Prizes will include donated plugins, instrument libraries and SFX libraries, but these have not yet been confirmed (past prizes include Cinesamples, Nine Volt Audio, Boom Library, Propellerhead, Audiobro and more). They will be really cool though. If you are attending GDC you will be able to pick up your prize at the awards show. Time is short (just like in real life) so get started now!

Submissions will be accepted from January 19- February 2.
Winners announced at the GANG Awards during GDC March 2-6 (date TBA)

Eligible members can enter in either category, Music or Sound Design, or are welcome to enter in both.

The theme this year:

MUSIC: Write a 60 second theme that MUST loop seamlessly. The game is based in a “Olympic playground” and features house pets competing with each other in an Olympics-like contest. The artwork is whimsical, and of course the pet owners resemble their pets (or is it the other way around?). Winning pets stand on their pedestal where their anthem plays. Competition can be fierce (but never dangerous). The theme must be very close to 60 seconds in length.

SOUND DESIGN: These sounds are for the same pet Olympics as the music. Create these assets, in this order:

Short welcoming sound
Background ambience of ‘pet crowd’ stadium (may play throughout and vary based on action)
Dialog popup
Fanfare for next event
Call to Event Begin
Event Begin (High Hurdles)
Event sound fx for short “high hurdles” race
Event End: Lose
Gain XP
Fanfare for next event
Call to Event Begin
Event Begin (Pet Pole Vault)
Event sound fx for short “Pet Pole Vault”
Event End: Win
Fanfare for next event
Call to Event Begin
Event Begin (Pet Wrestling: Cats v Dogs)
Event sound fx for short “Pet Wrestling: Cats v Dogs”
Event End: Win
Achievement: Pet has been sponsored by a major Pet Food Company!

To submit your track, send via a message on SoundCloud to Game Audio Network Guild -

Include the submitted track, your GANG member name and a contact email address.  You'll receive confirmation of the entry through SoundCloud.

Any questions can be sent to richard at

4 Responses to “GANG Student/Apprentice Contest”

  1. Richard Savery

    Hi Paolo, all the details that will be given are listed above, just to keep everyone on the same page.
    Once the entries are in members will vote on the best track, using the details above, so just try and interpret the gameplay pace as most makes sense based on the theme.

  2. Corinita Reyes

    For the sound design portion, if the asset is repeated, does that mean you need to make a different sound? such as the fanfare for next event is repeated, so does there need to be separate fanfares? When we submit them do you want them all submitted on one track one after the other? Lastly do you want us to loop the music so you can hear how it loops? Thank you!

  3. Richard Savery

    Repeating it, or doing a different version, or a new version, whatever seems the most appropriate.

    Definitely all submitted in one track. No need to loop the music, just send as a 60 second track.

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