GDC 2015 GANG Demo Derby

The GANG Demo Derby is one of the highest rated and longest running annual sessions at the GDC.  Participants bring in examples of their work, and a panel of game audio experts review their work and provide constructive feedback.  GANG hosts two separate categories in the Demo Derby (Sound Design and Music), and members are invited to submit to either or both.

This year Sound Librarian is proud to provide an interactive project for the GANG Demo Derby for those wanting to demonstrate their FMOD Studio skills.

Samples can be submitted as:

– The FMOD Studio Interactive Project
– 60 seconds of linear music (as an audio or video file)
– 120 seconds of linear sound design set to video

FMOD Studio Interactive Project

This year Sound Librarian is proud to provide an interactive project for the GANG Demo Derby for those wanting to demonstrate their FMOD Studio skills.

The Submarine Demo is a realisation of an ongoing FMOD Studio tutorial project created by Stephan Schütze. Now we have made a simple Unity game that links to the FMOD Studio Sub demo and allows us all to play through this demo. The FMOD Studio project is an example of how a complex audio project can be created to provide detailed audio that requires very little code support.

This project includes the current audio which can be replaced by Derby attendees and has also had music tags created and linked to allow composers to add music to the project. There is currently no music present so let your imagination run wild! Derby entrants can choose to create their own music or SFX or both. Be warned, Stephan will be on the Sound Design Derby and he know every single sound in this project so if you are working on SFX he will know if you are cheating and using his sounds 🙂

The game has a very simple set of controls. The Horizontal slider controls the speed the sub moves, the vertical slider controls the depth of the sub and clicking the mouse on each room will move our little avatar throughout the sub so you can hear each compartments environment.

This is a complex project and may be overwhelming at first, but play through the game, and watch the tutorial videos to better understand how it all comes together.

To gain access to the the submarine demo simply email

anna [AT]

and we will enrol you into our system, provide you with access to the sub demo and send you your login details. Then you can download all the materials and start to be creative!

Linear Submissions (Music and Sound Design)

For music submissions your track should be 60 seconds long and can be submitted as either audio or video.  For Sound Design your track should be 120 seconds long and set to a video.


Entries will be played in the order they are sent in, meaning the sooner you submit the more chance you have.  We hope to be able to hear as many entries as we can, but having time for all submissions is not always possible.

Entries can be submitted from now until the 1st of March.   To submit your final sample (either interactive or a clip) send an email to richard [at] with your username and you will be invited to a dropbox where you can upload your file.

Good luck and we will see you at GDC 2015!