It’s the BLURBS: June 2012

For all GANG members to share and see, here’s your June 2012 BLURB’s of member related announcements, news and links…all after the jump…

GANG Board member Chance Thomas has scored RIDERS OF ROHAN, the upcoming expansion to Lord of the Rings Online. The original score was recorded with the Utah Film Orchestra, a 36 voice choir and expert soloists on Celtic and Medieval instruments. Warner Brothers Interactive has released the first track from the upcoming score on YouTube

Peter Steinbach recently took a full time position at Blizzard and has been working on the Mists of Pandaria expansion for World of Warcraft.

Greg Ashcroft has a radio show (Alpha Omega) dedicated to video game music! He writes a blog on it this month over here

Watson Wu is featured in a new book which you can check out here.

Jeff Ball and Andrew Aversa (Zircon) worked on the soundtrack to Globulous which is available here

Dren McDonald’s 2nd game with Loot Drop, Pettington Park (designed by Tom Hall) was released on Google Plus this month. Dren post_date all music and sound design for this game. You can go play it for free on G+ now. GDC also unlocked Dren’s GDC talk in the Vault on Social Game Audio

If you have new releases, projects, announcements, birthdays or babies to share, send the info to [email protected]