It’s the BLURBS: November 2011

For all the little bits of one-liner news that trickles in…here’s November’s BLURBS

Kole recently worked on a new mobile game titles Bag-It, available on Android and on iOS. And if that weren’t enough, he even wrote up an article about it over here

Robert Allaire finished a score for a modern dance pieces entitled “Sacrament”, which premiered in LA recently and will run again in March. The score can be downloaded here and here on iTunes. He also released a chiptune-esque electronic album called “From Tomorrow, With Love” with a band known as BETA TO THE MAX. It can be had over here.

Josh Whelchel wrote an epic score for Ravenmark, and iOS RPG that is getting tremendous reviews. Here’s a link to his soundtrack recording

Mick Gordon contributed tracks to the latest installment in the Need for Speed series: THE RUN. He also acted as audio director for the epic new game for Android/iOS game, Battle Group, check the trailer for it here.

Yannis Brown acted as Audio Director on the new RIFT MMO, which sounds MASSIVE. Here’s a great music interview regarding the game.

Sean Beeson recently worked on AIKO ISLAND which just released on iOS, you can check it out here

November was a big month for GANG prez, Paul Lipson and the Pyramind team who saw 3 big releases which they contributed to in Rocksmith (sound design), HALO: Combat Evolved Anniversary (new recording/mixing of the original score), and Kinect Disney Adventures (music from Paul Lipson, Mark Griskey, Peter McConnell, Lennie Moore, Laura Karpman and Wataru Hokoyama. ) Read more about the sessions here

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