IZOTOPE sponsors GANG and new Q Challenge

GANG is happy to announce that we has a new sponsor in IZOTOPE, which we are very excited about! They have been creating some very special audio software products, and have some very specific game audio applications of their products coming soon. There will be more on IZOTOPE’s involvement with GANG very soon, but for now, here are the details of this quarter’s Q CHALLENGE (after the jump)

So, our next Q CHALLENGE will be based on 2 of IZOTOPE’s products: Iris and Trash 2

They have provided GANG members with a 30 day extended trial period of these two products. So you can download either (or both) product(s) from the Izotope site ( http://izotope.com/support/portal/downloads.asp) and then send an email to Alex Davis here at gang ([email protected]) to ask for an extended trial code for either or both products, and he will send you those!

Here’s the rules for this quarter’s Q CHALLENGE!

SUBJECT: “Imagination Distorted”


– Free style and Instrumentation allowed, just one major rule: Your compositions must use iZotope Trash 2 and/or Iris.

Again – Be inventive, be brave, be surprising, be romantic, or be heroic…in a Distorted way!

– You can compose alone, or in collaboration with any other forum members. The choice is yours!

– The submissions could be just musical composition or a mix of music & sound design.

– Total length of each submission should be no longer than 3 minutes

You are encouraged to promote your ideas and search for Q-Challenge partners in the forum.

– All the submissions must be posted in the Q-Challenge Soundcloud channel and link provided in the Submission forum topic. (we’ll post the submission forum thread soon)

– Every Q-challenger must also participate in the voting process (or will automatically be disqualified)

– All forum members can vote for their top 5 favorites in the forum topic named


1st place: a copy of Iris+5, Trash 2 & a new sample library from Strezov Sampling (http://www.strezov-sampling.com)

2nd Place: a copy of Iris, Trash 2 and a new sample library from Strezov Sampling (http://www.strezov-sampling.com)

3rd place: Trash 2


So you can post here that you’d like to participate, and we’d encourage collaboration, cuz that’s fun! We’ll leave it to all of you to contact each other thru the site here to work out collaborations (ie, we won’t organize that for you as we did in the first challenge).

We wish you luck and let’s set an end date of Feb 28th. We can have the voting take place soon after that (after the GANG awards voting). Again, we’ll post another thread soon with the Soundcloud link. Have Fun!