Jason Graves’ spine-chilling interactive music score for DEAD SPACE won him a BAFTA, a place in game music history and critical acclaim from both peers and punters alike. But his work in music for interactive entertainment encompasses dozens of other productions to which he has brought and continues to bring unbridled passion and enthusiasm as well as finely honed composition skills.

“What’s The Score? The Art and Science of Interactive
Video Game Music”

Develop Conference
Hilton Metropole in Brighton, UK
21 July 2011
This session is a rare opportunity to hear the maestro in Europe outlining his quest for excellence in creating interactive music that can respond to game states and events on the fly at run-time and provide musical variation through the thoughtful manipulation of multiple music stems. From inception and design, recording approach, process and editing through to implementation, expect a masterclass in interactive music.

Ali Fearnley, Develop Conference Director: “We’re delighted Develop’s audio track delegates will have the opportunity to hear Jason speak in Europe. Knowing the amazing work he produces, we are expecting his session to be truly inspirational.”