Objectives for the New Platform Committee

Objectives and members of the New Platform Committee are listed after the jump

As GANG reaches it’s 10 year anniversary, we would like to recognize the rapidly changing landscape of the game industry, providing support to our members and to the independent game development community, working in all new game platforms (mobile, social, and independent titles.)

1) Education: offering support, advice, best practices, pricing guidelines, credit listings, and talent matchmaking to both the independent audio contractor (GANG members) and to the indie game development community.

2) Showcase: It’s important to share our work, techniques and work flow ideas with each other and with the independent game community. Quite often a game audio contractor cannot be all things to every project, and providing the community with a glimpse into other members’s expertise will be a great way to find the right person for the right job.

3) Professional progression: The committee will provide ideas in a thinktank environment, offering suggestions to audio tool software developers (for future software features in specific game audio implementation), creative revenue sharing alternatives to the independent developer, and suggestions on RAM/ROM budget guidelines etc.

The committee currently consists of Sean Beeson (independent composer – Pocket RPG, Dangerous), Dren McDonald (LOLapps, Haunted Temple, Loot Drop), Wilbert Roget (LucasArts), Jordan Fehr (independent sound designer, Super Meat Boy, Binding of Isaac), Josh Whelchel (independent composer – Scrolls {Mojang}), and Jeff Essex (Audiosyncrasy).

The committee members have extensive experience in new game platforms, such as iOS, Android, social games (Facebook), and independent download titles. They will be working towards creating a new Pro Branch of GANG, where the branch can grow and create a substantial addition to the GANG website as a new resource for both GANG members and the independent game developer community alike.