Digital Album Now Available, CD Releases November 1st

Sumthing Else Music Works, Inc. proudly presents Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Original Soundtrack featuring the original music score from Tripwire Interactive’s critically acclaimed World War II first person shooter experience for the PC. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Original Soundtrack is released today for digital download at, Amazon MP3, iTunes® and other digital music sites. The CD soundtrack will be available at retail outlets through Sumthing Else Music Works on November 1st.

Focusing on the Battle of Stalingrad and the surrounding operations, both German and Russian from July 1942 to February 1943, the game allows the player to experience one of the most brutal battles in all of human history. For the first time ever in a first person shooter, gamers will be able to experience WWII from the Axis side in a German single player campaign.

Heroes of Stalingrad features a unique dynamic music system that adapts the emotional mood of the soundtrack to match the morale of the player based on the flow of the battle. To highlight the differences between the two warring powers the game features a completely unique soundtrack for both the Russian and German sides. Award-winning composer Sam Hulick (Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2) composed the evocative, emotional and haunting music that sets the mood for one of the most brutal battles in all of human history-the battle for Stalingrad.

Heroes of Stalingrad takes the award-winning Red Orchestra franchise into the next generation of gaming. Cutting-edge graphics and audio built on Unreal Engine 3, inventive features and streamlined realism deliver an unrivaled WWII experience. As always with the Red Orchestra franchise, Tripwire delivers unrivaled accuracy and attention to detail, along with gritty, vicious combat in multiplayer, co-op and solo modes. For more information visit: