The Q-Challenge!

The first Q-Challenge took place this 2nd quarter of 2012. The Q-Challenge (A quarterly challenge, hence the “Q”) was the brainchild of Crysis composer, Borislav Slavov and (to a lesser extent) Loot Drop’s Dren McDonald.

The idea was to create a fun, creative project that would encourage GANG members (of every level) to collaborate together and then allow the winners some bragging rights (and PRIZES!)

This year’s prizes were generously donated by and Sound Librarian. GANG would like to again thank both of our Q-Challenge sponsors for such great prizes!

The theme for the first challenge was “2012: The end of everything, or a new beginning?” and those who took part had the opportunity to compose, sound design, mix, record VO…whatever they wanted.

We had 4 entries for this challenge, and they are listed in the order of their popularity, based on the final vote that took place in the GANG forums.

“3 Minutes to Dawn” team – Borislav Slavov and Penka Kouneva

“New Beginnings” team – Trevor Sparham and Nino Rajacic

“The Benefit of the Doubt” team – Nathanael Tronerud and Dren McDonald

“2012” team – Rob Scales and Matt Murray

And here is a LINK to the audio for this challenge, posted on Soundcloud.

We are looking forward to setting up the next Q-Challenge, where we’ll be throwing new some new twists into the challenge (as we hope to do for each one of these!)