Blurbs: August 2010

For all the little bits of one-liner news that trickles in…here’s August’s blurbs

Richard Jacques has been named as the composer for the new James Bond, 007 game, BLOODSTONE – check it here You can follow Richard on twitter @Richard_Jacques

Tomas Neumann has just started up at Blizzard, moving to Irvine all the way from Frankfurt! As a member of the Europeon IESD, he’ll be switching over to the N.American IESD, and we’ll have an interview with Tomas coming up soon!, (Dan Rudin‘s Rock Band Network authoring company) just announced a deal with punk/metal/agitator label, Alternative Tentacles to author Rock Band Network contributions from many artists on their very large catalog.

GANG member, Penka Kouneva, was just profiled on Tracksounds for her recent work on Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands and Midnight Movie. Check it out here.

Jeff Schmidt will be participating in the Rock Band Network/Creators Club free RBN authoring workshops that is (hopefully) coming to a town near you. More info is available here.

Igor Nemirovsky wrote/produced the score (with Kenny Wood) for Divergent Reality, a new game for the DSi platform.

There was an official tweet from @therealcliffyb, that there is a studio wide moratorium against the Wilhelm Scream. So don’t listen for it in Gears 3 or Bulletstorm…(and some of you thought I wouldn’t post this!)

And to fill this section in a bit, (please folks, SEND ME YER NEWS!), InstantJam was just released for public beta, a game that Dren McDonald spent a good portion of his days working on some time ago. InstantJam is a music game, currently available within Facebook, that is free to play and allows you to play songs that are already on your hard drive’s music library. You can follow Dren @drenmc

Please send any of your news, announcements, birthdays, anniversaries etc, however brief, to [email protected]