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GANG Demo Derby/Fall Summit

fall summit

focus on social, indie, mobile games
Finding new paths in game audio as the landscape of game platforms
change on a daily basis.

Each panelist plans to share their own experiences working in a non-AAA console space, whether the challenges they’ve come across specific to various platforms (mobile, iOS, Facebook), or working with independent developers, and discuss their solutions to the problems they’ve run into in these new game platforms and work environments. The game audio professional working in this market is very often working as an entire audio department, and the panel will spend some time discussing expectations, budgets, skill sets, and problem solving.

After an hour of sharing some examples and stories from the trenches, there will be a demo derby, much like the demo derbies that GANG conducts at GDC San Francisco every year. Submissions will be accepted through the GANG website and we are limited to 15 submissions so submit soon! In an effort to save time during the derby, all demo submissions will have been ported to a power point slide set so we will not be accepting submissions on the night of the event.

Since the event will be broadcast online via USTREAM, we will accept demo submissions from any GANG member, but will give priority to those who will be in attendance. GANG members may submit either MP3 files or send a YouTube link of their clips. We are accepting both music composition and sound design submissions. If you are a GANG member and have not been able to afford a trip to GDC, we encourage you to take this opportunity to submit your work.

WHEN: Saturday, October 15th, 2-5 pm

WHERE: Pyramind Trainng, 880 Folsom St, San Francisco

WHO: Wilbert Roget (LucasArts), Dren McDonald (LOLapps, Haunted Temple), Josh Whelchel (Mojang), Jeff Essex (Audiosyncrasy)

SUBMIT: Here’s where you submit your demo

COST: FREE for GANG members, general public is $20

Please visit this link to RSVP

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Interview with composer, Sam Hulick

sam hulick

Many of you are probably familiar with Sam’s musical work in the Mass Effect series (1 and 2), and he has a new post_title, "Red Orchestra: The Battle for Stalingrad" coming out next month. Check here to read the interview

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GANG’s New Committee and Category

new committee

For those wh weren’t at the GANG Town Hall in June, or watched it online, this year GANG is including a new category in it’s annual awards: Best Audio for Casual, Social or Independant Game, (or CSI for short!).

GANG recognizes the rapid growth in new game platforms, not only in handheld/mobile/casual, but also in social games and independant post_titles. The game industry has changed radically in the last 3 years, and many game audio professionals are making their mark on these challenging new platforms.

GANG has started a new committee that has post_date a set of objectives and goals, with an eye towards creating strong relationships between independant devlopers and GANG members and to also create some guidelines in best practices, standards, and game audio advice on these new platforms.

Please head over to read the objectives of the new committee and find out who’s donating their time to work on this…

G.A.N.G. Discounts in Effect


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It’s the July 2011 BLURBS, a place where YOU can send us all of your little bits of news each month. Have an announcement, a new project, a new blog post, a funny story, a new pet? Let us know

Check it out….IT’S THE BLURBS!

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