It’s The BLURBS: January 2012

For all the little bits of one-liner news that trickles in…here’s January’s BLURBS

Benjie Freund is working for Hi-Rez Studios doing sound design and implementation on Tribes: Ascend

Trevor Sparham is sorry for closing his soundcloud account, as it looks like ALL of his comments on your files that he had left were subsequently removed once his account went down. I didn’t think that would happen…but that’s apparently the way Soundcloud works.

Mick Gordon and Pontus Rufelt completed music for Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat which just came out!

Nate Madsen worked on Cannon Cat, which you can hear over here

Roland Shaw worked on Big Head Bash which has a trailer over here you can check out

Borislav Slavov worked on Crysis 2 and shared some of his work over here And he also worked on Two Worlds 2 which you can over here!

Cleveland Bledsoe worked on Suicide Kings iOS which you can check out over here and he also worked on Blind Frog iOS

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