June 2017 Newsletter

Chance Thomas: Lord of the Rings 10th Anniversary Commemorative Soundtrack
This month we interviewed Chance Thomas to discuss the release of THE LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINETM 10th Anniversary Commemorative Soundtrack, available through all major digital music outlets worldwide on June 23rd.  This 26-song double album features Chance Thomas’ very best work for the game over the past 10 years.

Read the interview here

GameSoundCon Survey 2017
If you work at all in games, please take a few minutes to complete the GameSoundCon annual Game Audio Industry Survey.  It will only take a few moments of your day, and you will be helping create the industry’s leading resource on game music/sound salary, contracts, production and other issues.

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You can view the results of the 2016 Survey here.

Video Game Music Symposium at CSULB
On Saturday, May 13th, 2017, the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University Long Beach presented an all-day symposium on video game music and sound. Guest speakers and panelists included composers, orchestrators, sound designers, mixers and dialog/voice directors. Russell Brower, Lead Composer and Senior Audio Director at Blizzard Entertainment gave a very inspiring keynote presentation. He was followed by composer Timothy Wynn (Sonic Fuel Studios) and Voice Director Michael Csurics (Brightskull Entertainment).

Read the full summary of the day here.

The Psychology Behind Video Game Sound Design
Presented by Wired Magazine and contains profanity.
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Develop: Brighton
July 11-13, 2017,  Brighton, England

September 6-8 2017, Vancouver, BC,

Austin Game Conference
September 21-22, Austin, TX

7-8 November, LA, CA

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