Advice on entering the Game Industry  by Tommy Tallarico

Game Audio Basics: mono vs. stereo (for audio prep in Unity projects) by Jack Menhorn

Game Audio Basics: pops/clicks and fades (for audio prep in Unity projects) by Jack Menhorn

Game Audio Basics: looping and volume (for audio prep in Unity projects) by Jack Menhorn


The Mix in The Last of Us – Interview by Kenny Young

IESD Mix Recommendations – Updated 2015.03.11


Unions and Game Audio


Lennie Moore and Franck Sauer on the OUTCAST Reboot (April 2014)
Inon Zur: Game Audio, Composing and Conducting (August 2014)
Chuck Russom – Recording Guns (October 2014)
Mikolai Stroinski discusses The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Soundtrack (December 2014)
Chance Thomas and the Music of Dota 2 (January 2015)
Peter McConnell talks Grim Fandango Remastered (February 2015)
Finishing Move Inc. on the Halo 2 Anniversary Sound Track and Massive Chalice (March 2015)
Tom Salta on Halo Spartan Strike (May 2015)
Watson Wu Interview (June 2015)
Jeff Ball Interview (July 2015)
Chance Thomas – Composing Music for Games: The Art, Technology and Business of Video Game Scoring (August 2015)
Dren McDonald on Gathering Sky and Gunman Taco Truck (September 2015)


What’s Next for the Next NextGeN? – Jesse Harlin (January 2012)

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again – Jesse Harlin (January 2011)

Tools of the Trade – Jesse Harlin (August 2010)

Thinking Outside the Booth – Jesse Harlin (June/July 2009)

Retro Fitting In- Jesse Harlin (August 2009)

Less is More – Jesse Harlin (October 2009)

The Magic of Misdirection – Jesse Harlin (November 2009)

Rallying Rights – Jesse Harlin (December 2009)

Beyond the Button Press – Jesse Harlin (February 2008)

The Art of Designing Art – Jesse Harlin (March 2008)

Tools of the Trade – Jesse Harlin (April 2008)

The Three R’s of Audio Leadership – Jesse Harlin (May 2008)

The Power of The Sung Word- Jesse Harlin (June/July 2008)

Surviving the Overflow – Jesse Harlin (August 2008)

Breaking New Ground – Jesse Harlin (September 2008)

Ahead of the Curve – Jesse Harlin (October 2008)

GANG Signs – Jesse Harlin (November 2008)

Squashed – Jesse Harlin (December 2008)

iCAN TOO – Jesse Harlin (January 2007)

Does It Sound Next-Gen? – Jesse Harlin (February 2007)

The Great Conjuction – Jesse Harlin (March 2007)

An Inside Job – Jesse Harlin (May 2007)

The Gospel of Attenuation- Jesse Harlin (June/July 2007)

Vox Populi – Jesse Harlin (August 2007)

Audio Accessibility – Jesse Harlin (September 2007)

Music Licensing 101 – Jesse Harlin (December 2007)

Q/A For Audio – Jesse Harlin (February 2006)

Smart Combat Music – Jesse Harlin (April 2006)

Developers, Meet Your Reviews – Jesse Harlin (June/July 2006)

The Art of Conversation – Jesse Harlin (August 2006) 

Musical Symmetry – Jesse Harlin (October 2006)

Be A Demo Dynamo – Jesse Harlin (November 2006)

Laboring to Compete – Jesse Harlin (December 2006)


Game Audio Relevance


Designing Sound

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